Useful Information is important

When you come to the Netherlands to follow a course, you always like to have as much information as possible. How do I reach the hostel, how is the weather, what about the food? support2holland informs students in advance with all kind of information, but also during their stay we try to be a walking encyclopedia.

We send very detailed (step by step) travel instructions from the airport to the hostel. And we are proud to say that almost every student found her/his way rather easily to the intended destination. It happened only once that a nice Dutch lady called us, that she had ‘found’ an international student in the forest, while walking the dog.

Furthermore we prepare and send tailor made practical information which is relevant before and during  the travel. As soon as the student arrives in the Netherlands we provide practical information which is related to the stay in the Netherlands.

If necessary, we arrange a food package for the first days so that the students doesn’t have to go to the shop right away, but can make himself/herself at home first. For all students support2holland strives to give students a warm welcome on behalf of the organisation for which  we are working.

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