New Website Launch support2holland!

We are very excited to have launched our new website, a beautiful digital reflection of our company. It is a large undertaking to renew your website, but it has helped us grow in different aspects.

In fact when you start with the process you encounter many decision moments. The renewing of our message was a challenge;  organizing a photo shoot with a professional photographer was one of the most enjoyable parts. Our students were willing to join and they made it possible to refresh the pictures in a wonderful way. And then finally a new look of the website gave the result which you can see now! We have added a blog through which we are going to keep you posted of developments in our company and related matters. We sincerely hope you enjoy exploring our new website, and please feel free to send any questions and/or feedback or leave us some thoughts in the comments below.

Our website was made by:

Text: enJOY Communicatie
New website concept & design: WyZyn Communicatie
Photography: Iris Latuasan

Erica & Madelon

A special thanks goes to the family of Eleen Seki, who allowed us to use her pictures (she is the lady on the left in the header). Shortly after the photo shoot and her return to Kenya we received the sad news that Eleen was involved in a car accident, which she did not survive. We will miss her so much.

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