Let’s talk about Dutch weather…..

Our students are not only facing new studies, but they have noticed in the meantime that the weather is a popular topic to talk about. Since the Netherlands has four seasons, the weather is always changing and that is why you can always say something about the weather. And the Dutch really like to have a chat about the weather.

When students are packing their suitcase on their way to the Netherlands we often get questions what clothes one should take. In every season we advise to take long trousers and long-sleeved tops, as the weather is rather unpredictable. And when it is Summer you can add t-shirts, shorts or skirts and slippers.

This kind of practical information but also other useful information can be found in the introduction package which support2holland sends to their students prior to their departure to enable him/her to prepare successfully on his/her stay in the Netherlands.

And when a student has finally adjusted him/herself to the Dutch way of life you won’t be surprised that a critical opinion about the weather is one of the tools the student uses in his/her daily conversation! Just like the Dutch do!

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