I love Holland!

Experiences from a student from Bhutan about living in Holland. Besides having the privilege following a course with a fellowship of the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes, one should not underestimate the effects of living in another country for some months…..read below the story of Ms Passang Wangmo who stayed in the Netherlands from September till November 2014…….

I opened my eyes to see myself waking up in the beautiful plains of Holland.   The clear sky was just above me and everything around was so peaceful and beautiful. Coming from the Himalayas and finally being in the country below sea level, it was just a moment for me to cherish. A hustle and bustle  month after the demise of my uncle, finally I was travelling all alone for the first time.  I had mostly been dependent while travelling; every time I travel I am with my friends or family. Now I know that travelling alone is fun and it is a good chance to be more accountable.   During all these days I rediscovered myself all over again. It was amazing to see some new sides of me which I never knew before.

As I stepped out of the Schiphol International airport, I could smell the freshness of this beautiful place.  Before coming here I read a lot about the place on internet  and more over my two besties are just back from this place and I was well informed about all those beautiful places to look out for. The curiosity and excitement was doubled as I reached my apartment in The Hague.  I was lodged at one of the most beautiful locations in the entire Netherlands; the Scheveningen Haven in the Hague. The beautiful North Sea lies just in front of our apartment. Yes! Every day here had been a good surprise for me. The Hague is another place to look out for.  I always wanted to visit this part of the world and I am happy that I ‘got a chance. The place is more like in the fairy tale. Everything is just too beautiful and peace. Here in Holland I never missed a chance to visit the super crowded Amsterdam, the world’s second largest harbor: Rotterdam and some other cities in Holland.It never gave me a chance to miss my home.  I just love Holland.

P.S. Thanks Passang for sharing your experiences written down in your blog through our website.

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