support2holland takes care of the registration of NFP/MSP for several customers. What has changed in the MSP and NFP application process?

The main change is that candidates now need to apply for an NFP or MSP scholarship directly at the university or training institute, instead of applying with Nuffic. Only the institution will provide information about the programmes, selection criteria, application procedures and deadlines.

As of the deadline of 4 November 2014 Atlas will support the NFP II and MSP II processes. It will replace the SOL application registration system. The former deadline of 6 October 2014 has been changed into 4 November 2914 due to the changes in the application process.

Candidates should seek academic admission at first as early as possible. The processing of an application will cost some time. After the institutionhas granted admission a link to a web application form will be sent to interested candidates so that they can start with the NFP or MSP application. In the application candidates need to give personal details, for which course candidates want to register, for an NFP or MSP fellowship as well as motivational statements. Several documents should be uploaded:  a copy of a valid passport, a statement from the candidates’  employer (format available in the webform) and sometimes a statement from the candidates’ government (format available in the webform). In the webform a user manual is also available.

The application, a candidate submits, must be complete with all the required documentation according to the required formats. The application must be submitted online through the candidate registration form before the fellowship application deadline. Applications that are not submitted according to the required process  and format will not be accepted.

All registered candidates will be informed about the outcome of the selection by email through the institution/support2holland (approximately 7 weeks after the closing of the deadline). If an application is successful, the institution/support2holland will contact the candidate by email to make all necessary (logistical) arrangements.


The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) promote capacity building within organisations in 51 countries by providing fellowships for training and education for professionals. The NFP is initiated and fully funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the budget for development cooperation.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Scholarship Programme (or MSP) offers scholarships to professionals from ten countries. The scholarships can be used for short courses in the Netherlands. The programme is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

More information about the contents of the fellowship programmes and eligible countries:

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