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LinkedIn Icon Erica Bouwman-Schuurman

Erica Bouwman (on the right): ‘I am forty something, married and fond of travelling. Since the time I was young I am interested in other cultures. After having been working at different (inter)national companies I ended up at an international office of a practical training centre. There I leaned to know Madelon; it appeared that our ambitions, vision and interests were in line with each other. The establishment  of support2holland was  arranged  quickly. Organising, planning and the personal contacts with our relations at home and abroad make my work variously and ensures to have pleasure in what I am doing.’

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Madelon de Kleer: ‘I am married, with two children. More than 20 years I am working in international surroundings. Dealing with all kinds of nationalities and cultures is a source of inspiration for me. It suits me to advise and to organise and these skills can be used in a practical way in our company, in cooperation with Erica,. The developments which come about in internationalisation, ensure that my work is diverse every day. In combination with our practical approach and our specific knowledge we have a wonderful concept and we fill a gap in the market.’

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